Hilton-Briggs Specialist Vehicles

Hilton-Briggs Specialist Vehicles was founded by Andrew Hilton-Briggs. The business was born out of Andrew’s passion for exquisite motor vehicles, a passion that started at a very early age.

Andrew had been a collector of fine motor vehicles but due to his demanding business lifestyle had very little time to use them as intended, although with Andrew it was not just about using his collection, it became more about being the custodian of the finest examples, it became his obsession! He realised in his mid 40s that his collection had increased considerably in value and by far out performed many other more conventional types of investment, with this in mind he set about a lifestyle change. With his passion for fine motor vehicles and delivering a customer service that is second to none Hilton-Briggs Specialist Vehicles has naturally evolved into what Andrew calls a vocational business.

Hilton-Briggs Specialist Vehicles will endeavour to source only the very finest motor vehicles, prepare them to the highest of standards and remarket them for like minded individuals. We are able to source vehicles for clients through our network of contacts both in the UK and overseas, we use our highly skilled chosen partners for any re-commissioning and service requirements. We are very proud to have shipped many interesting vehicles across Europe and as far afield as Hong Kong and Australia.