About Us

The people behind Cherished Luxuries were brought together through a shared love and passion for all things with an engine. Specifically cars and very special and unique cars at that!

Everything we do must be of the highest quality and with unwavering attention to detail. We are super particular about the vehicles we get involved with, they have to be very special, have a full authentic history and proof of provenance before we will consider buying or selling them.

Every vehicle we manage will go through a meticulous process of detailing, servicing and preparation ready for the next custodian to love and enjoy.

Here’s a little bit more about us:

Andrew Hilton-Briggs

Andrew has had a lifelong interest in motor vehicles, growing up with his Father and Mother running their own filling station and motor repair business, he used to ride out with his Father in one of the Land Rover break down trucks and was always fascinated by his commercial enterprise.

Andrew started work in 1980 in the repair of electro mechanical equipment and had gained his first management position by the time he was 23 years of age, he furthered his career by two moves into national organisations and held management positions within both of these companies. In 1995 he formed his own company within the same field of work and very quickly built up a successful business with the reputation of delivering the very highest level of customer service. Andrew subsequently sold this business and now runs a smaller business alongside Hilton-Briggs Specialist Vehicles.

Paul Michael Cumpsty

Paul is the Springer Spaniel of the team, bringing a lifelong passion for cars into everything he does. An impeccable level of standards is a must along with and eagle eye for paint and bodywork, if something is not perfect, Paul will spot it.

Paul has built many cars, modified more and has an unhealthy desire to paint every car in the world blue! He’s even bought blue cars and repainted them, yup – BLUE!

Coming from a fabrication and engineering background Paul can turn his hand to pretty much anything and does.

Mark Forrest

Mark loves noise! Simple as that, if it’s low and loud he’s sold. Mark was brought up in the generation where fathers would have their cars up on the ramps every Sunday, tinkering to keep them just right.

Marks father was a huge car enthusiast and had many a great old car sat on the drive, generally with Mark sat in the boot spectating! (he still does that now).

American cars are a great love, good old muscle cars, again it’s a noise thing. Working in web design, design is a passion, nice lines and flowing aerodynamics are a joy to study. Anything with an engine works for him, from classic Americana to modern supercars, they all make him smile.